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The Application of Alchemistic Essences:

(1) Nervous system in full (2) Carotid artery plexus as well as cavernous plexus and cranial ganglion in general (3) Laryngeal plexus, pharyngeal plexus
(4) Cardiac, coronary and pulmonary plexuses (5) Spinal cord (6) Diaphragm
(7) Solar plexus and hepatic, gastric, pyloric and mesenteric plexuses (8) Splenetic plexus, sacral spinal ganglion (9) Coccygeal plexus, lumbosacral ganglion

According to the ancient medical teachings of Alchemy and Ayurveda, the seven principal metals and jewels (as well as certain plants) have effects that correspond to the powers of the seven classical planets. Disease is regarded as a disturbance of one of these energies, in which the disharmony from the mental and energetic realms descends into the material body, in other words, from the crown chakra down into the most physical, the root chakra. If an illness is to be cured for good, the disturbance has to be harmonized on all levels and in all chakras into which it has descended.
The disharmony has to be „vibrated out“ in the reverse direction. For instance, in the case of intestinal diseases, it is not enough to treat only the corresponding chakra.
All the chakras above up to the crown chakra have to be rebalanced as well.
The alchemistic Jewel and Metal Essences are keyed to the highest vibrational level of human beings, because if something uplifts their vibration in a harmonic fashion, as a positive side effect any disease will vanish by itself.
A first simple, but very effective step to restore an organism to its healthy rhythms and supreme harmonies consists in the application of Gold Essence in the mornings and Silver Essence in the evenings. These will rebalance the polar forces of male and female (yin and yang).
A second simple form of treatment is the alchemistic Weekly Treatment Course in which the essences alternate on a daily basis. On a certain day you use the essence that corresponds to the dominant planet or dominant planet energy of that day.

You can use these High Arcana in order to:

1. harmonize your mind in case of emotional problems
2. for all kinds of disease
3. for the Weekly Treatment Course
4. in order to harmonize the chakras
5. harmonize constitution type

Kristallisationsbild von Gold Kristallisationsbild von Fingerhut Kristallisationsbild von Herzzellen
crystallization of gold crystallization of digitalis crystallization of heart cells
Crystallization images of gold (top), digitalis (middle), the rising sun and heart cells show similar signatures and therefore similar energetic powers.

Please note that the Essences are not a medication or drug in the sense of orthodox medicine and our recommendations are not to be construed as a substitute for medical treatment by a doctor. In case of illness, always first consult your doctor or health care professional.

harmonize your mind all kinds of disease Weekly Treatment Course to harmonize the chakras harmonize constitution type

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