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Essences “Special 2012




Essences “Special 2012

Five special quintessences for the process of change until the year 2012, the transformation and dawn of a new era with its special constellation of Neptune and Uranus:
RESCUE 2012,
GOLD Sulphur,
MOON Eclipse,
VENUS Transit,
The notion of a “dawn of a new era” has been popularized chiefly through the Maya calendar, but in Alchemy and Ayurveda these coming years until the end of 2012 are also regarded as very important. The reason for that is that Uranus, a planet with a very long drawn-out orbit, enters the zodiac sign of Pisces, and Neptune enters Aquarius. By the end of 2011and the beginning of 2012 they will be leaving these signs again, but the effects will linger on. Both signs represent consciousness: Aquarius represents human intelligence, and Pisces higher levels of consciousness.
For humanity, Uranus’ entry into Pisces means a dissolution of boundaries – individual consciousness merges with the collective and infinite. In that process, hitherto existing concepts, systems and social relationships may also dissolve. The individual person may lose her grounding in the social environment. This is heightened by Neptune in Aquarius, because here the individual consciousness is flooded by the infinite. Everything is accessible, but it all becomes too much as well, because there are no possibilities of blocking things out any more. The ability to coordinate things is overloaded, the nerves are overexcited, explosive outbursts and feelings of powerlessness increase. Examples of this are becoming ever more frequent these days.
Still, the whole thing holds enormous chances as well. The positive aspect of this constellation is that it opens up the individual’s creative gateways to the collective unconscious and a cosmic consciousness. Individual consciousness can join the whole. All this tends to suggest that up to 2012 there will actually be a phase of profound inner purification and re-orientation. (For further information on the subject from an alchemical point of view, visit www.horusmedia.de).
For this reason, special essences have been developed which can help you to make the best of the positive aspects of the Uranus Neptune constellation and to weaken and transform negative influences:

RESCUE 2012 – An essence which opens the mind to the cosmic dimension and at the same time helps to keep one’s feet on the ground. It stimulates all chakras and raises their energy level to 14000 bio-angstrom/bovis. Mental and spiritual wakefulness is being strengthened, the capability to be in resonance with higher spiritual levels is cultivated.

MOON Eclipse – This special silver essence with great pacifying and motherly power (and an energy potential of 14000 bio-angstrom/bovis) was produced during the lunar eclipse of 2004 for all those who react to the Uranus-Neptune constellation with energetic overexcitement and nervousness.

VENUS Transit – Venus plays an important role in the sacred Maya calendar, and it is quite amazing that the rare occurrence of a Venus transit will take place on June 6, 2012, shortly before the dawn of the new era. The last overlaps of Venus and the Sun of this kind happened in 1874 and 1882, but this was in different signs of the zodiac and so had a different character. The “encounter in the heavens” will strengthen, above all, people’s love life and their sense of community and so attenuate the dissolutionary forces of the Uranus Neptune constellation. During the first Venus transit on May 4, 2004, a special essence was made from copper and gold as well as diamond and ruby, i.e. the metals and jewels of Venus and the Sun. With the help of this essence the user can also open up more to the spiritual forces of the Uranus Neptune constellation. It raises the energy potential of the throat and head chakras in particular to 14000 bio-angstrom/bovis.

GOLD Sulphur strengthens the intuitive “gut feeling” strained by the Uranus Neptune constellation and makes one more sensitive to the whole range of human energetic communication. This special essence containing antimony and sulphur stimulates all chakras, but especially the solar plexus chakra, and very intensely at that (21000 bio-angstrom/bovis). It protects against astral energetic “intrusion” into the aura.

COBRA Gold – This special gold essence according to an Indian recipe strongly stimulates inner change and transformation. Thanks to its enormous and at the same time very harmonious energy of more than 40000 bio-angstrom/bovis it melts energy blockages and prompts us to move forward. It is an ideal energetic support to perk you up for the process of change if you’re going through a phase of losing heart.


Paracelsus Elixir of Life:„De longe vita“

Paracelsus Elixir of Life:
„De longe vita“

This essence Paracelsus described as a universal medicine to gain longevity and so he called it „elixir of life ad longe vita“. Only recently it has been possible to prepare it, as Paracelsus had encoded all information about the process and its ingredients. Chief ingredients are the famous gold essence „aurum potabile“ („drinking gold of the alchemists“) as well as pearl essence, whose preparation hadn’t been possible until 2000 and 2001, respectively. Now, both are produced in the laboratory in a complex process by means of the secret alchemistic solvents called „Philosophical Mercury“ and „Secret Salt Fires“.
LIFE TEST assessment: „Very good“

Test results: Resonance test experiments conducted at the LIFE TEST Institute yielded the following result: „Amongst all alchemistic essences tested up to now, the Paracelsus Elixir of Life ‘de longe vita’ is outstanding in its energy-harmonizing power.” Moreover the testers say: „The essence is very harmonic in itself and induces a perfect harmony of yin and yang in humans. In addition, it harmonizes the chakras as well as subtle body energies and the aura and astral bodies.“
The essence has an energy level of 28000 Bovis/bio-angstrom (standardized measuring unit in geomancy), thus raising the regular human energy level from 7000 to more than 14000 Bovis/bio-angstrom. Besides there is an extraordinary resonance with earth rays and energy grids, meaning the essence can harmonize persons with a hypersensitivity to these phenomena.
Therefore the essence is categorized by the LIFE TEST Institute as „energetically very good“.
Application: one teaspoon up to three times a day as an intensive boost; long-term application: one to two half teaspoons per day.

Paracelsus and the quest for an Elixir of Life:
Paracelsus extensively studied the conditions that bring longevity, for instance the influences of diet, climate, planet constellations, as well as of specific metal and herbal drugs. His writings include a number of „longevity elixirs“ – for the ones he treasured most, including the universal medicine „ad longe vita“, he used code language.
Paracelsus regarded Gold and Pearl Essences, above all others, as the ones with the highest powers, even as single essences. For him, each one was already a panacea. For instance, he described „aurum potabile“ as follows: „Of all Elixirs, Gold is supreme and the most important for us, because it can keep the body indestructible. Drinkable gold will cure all illnesses, it renews and restores.“
On the other hand, pearls were regarded as strengthening the spirit. Pearl Essence especially influences the second chakra, that is, “the moon and soul plane” along with their blockages; Gold Essence influences the first, fourth and seventh chakras, that is, vitality, heart energy, spirit qualities, mind and intuition, strengthening overall interconnectedness and communication within the energy system. Moreover, the Elixir of Life “de longe vita” combines Gold and Pearl Essence with other special alchemistic essences of herbs like saffron, balm-mint and others, making the overall effect even more universal and profound.



NEW: Amber,
“Tears of the Gods”

Key theme: Energetic, spiritual purification, Inner harmony, Self-acceptance
Chakra: all 5 body chakras (from 1st up to 5th chakra)
Amber is counted amongst the most popular precious and healing stones in the world. Amber essence, however, does not belong to the established matrix of nine jewel, flower and metal essences that in the traditional medical teachings of Alchemy and Ayurveda are associated with the nine chakras. Still, amber essence is of great importance.
One would not associate amber with one of the planet gods, but with “Phaeton”, the “radiant one” from Greek mythology, the son of Helios (sun god) and one of Okeanos’ daughters, Klymene – an archetypal union of fire and water principles. The myth has Phaeton struggling for the integration of the sun principle: To prove his descent from the sun god, he wants to steer the sun chariot across the sky just once. When he cannot master the horses and there is the risk of the Earth being burned by the sun, Zeus hurls a thunderbolt at him, knocking him off. Phaeton plunges into the river Eridanus. On its banks his sisters weep for him, and their tears turn into amber.
This myth reminds us of the need to integrate and reconcile male and female archetypal forces within ourselves. Otherwise, either the sun principle (burning by the sun chariot and Zeus’ thunderbolt) or the water principle (drowning in Eridanus, the flow of tears) will boil over.
It is precisely this inner harmony of the polar qualities of fire and water, of the male and the female archetype, that is brought about by Amber Essence. Thus, on an energetic level, it helps a person to achieve self-acceptance without losing the desire for self-perfection. Amber Essence vitalizes the five body chakras (from the root up to the throat chakra), but especially the root, solar plexus and sexual/spleen chakras which rule all vital and sexual energies as well as all kinds of “digestion” and “incorporation” in the sense of integration into the self.
Amber Essence enhances inner purification (the reason why it was used as incense since ancient times) and overcoming of “old tears” stemming from energetic and mental trauma. It helps with appreciating and preserving one’s valuable experiences and the lessons from tradition and adapting them to changing times. Amber brightens up the sunny side of the mind without repressing the dark aspects. It helps with facing the future with confidence while still being aware of the past.


Sample Kit

Sample Kit # 1 „Alchemical Essences“

The Genuine Alchemical Flower Essences Sample Kit #1 contains all of the metal, jewel and flower essences related to the chakra system of Alchemy:
- the nine different Jewel Essences and the Jewel Rescue;
- the nine Metal Essences and the Metal Rescue;
- the nine Flower Essences and the Flower Rescue.
Each essence comes in a small sprayer containing 2ml.
This sample kit can also be used to get an idea of the Weekly Treatment Course, in which each day of the week is associated with a different group of essences and Metal Essence is used in the morning, Jewel Essence at midday and Flower Essence in the evening:
Sunday = gold, ruby, Field Bindweed & platinum, chrysoberyl, Prickly Comfrey
Montag = silver, pearl, Common Pear
Dienstag = iron, Golden Topaz, St. John’s Wort
Mittwoch = zinc, emerald, Deadly Nightshade & French Rose
Donnerstag = tin, sapphire, Lily of the Valley & Lesser Periwinkle
Freitag = copper, diamond, Forget-me-not
Samstag = vitriol, amethyst, Wood Anemone + zircon, antimony, Red Campion


META Rescue – the QuintEssence

Chief characteristics of influence: energetic relaxation, harmonization; ideal essence for stress-related conditions.
Meta Rescue consists of all 9 flower, metal and jewel essences. Designating a joining of the three realms of nature, i.e. plants, jewels and metals, which in Alchemy symbolize mind, spirit and body, it is called „QuintEssence“. Each of the 9 human chakras is thus being energetically activated by a flower, a type of metal and a jewel simultaneously and raised to a level of 7000 Bovis/ bio-angstrom (standardized measuring unit in geomancy). Through that, all nine chief energy centres receive harmonizing information on the energy planes of body, mind and spirit simultaneously. Therefore Meta Rescue is a superior rescue and an ideal support for any other essence. (Acute cases: 10 – 30 drops per hour; lingering disorders: 5 – 10 drops up to three times a day.)


Lightbody-Spray GOLD und SILBER

Lightbody Spray GOLD

Room and aura spray to energetically vitalize SUN POWERS

Lightbody Spray SILVER

Room and aura spray to energetically vitalize MOON POWERS

These energy sprays contain all nine Rubedo Flower Essences and all nine Jewel Essences as well as either the Gold Essence “Aurum Potabile®”, the “drinking gold of the alchemists” famed in medieval times as a panacea (this is contained in Lightbody Spray Gold), or the similarly effective Silver Essence “Argentum potabile®”.
These are accompanied by precious essential oils from Rosa foetida (Austrian Copper), myrrh, palmerose and Neroli (usually German Certified Organic, ”kbA”), which enhance the respective sun or moon qualities. Both sprays are used for energetic regulation of the aura field, for instance in Feng Shui, Geomancy and Vastu (the Indian discipline of Geomancy). By means of the high energy of the genuine alchemical essences, any room where people are present can be purified energetically and uplifted in vibration. The sprays can also be used to purify and vitalize the aura, or light body, of objects like crystals. Uplifting and harmonizing the vibration of the entire environment will also inform the human aura, thus eliminating any tiredness or fatigue that are due a space’s lack of subtle energy.

GOLD spray vitalizes sun powers, the fire element and the “male archetype” – energies that can be helpful, for example, in office rooms. Therefore, it has a stimulating and vitalizing energetic influence.

SILVER spray vitalizes moon powers, the water element and the “female archetype”. Thus it tends to promote ease and balance. Its energy qualities can be used, for example, in the bedroom or in an atmosphere of emotional or mental tension.

Application: To achieve energetic vitalization and purification, you spray any energetically negative areas in the environment of a room or car 2 to 3 times. Also use it for shoes, clothes, amulets, crystals, precious stones etc.


(At the moment the books are available in German only)


Ulrich Arndt
„ Treasures of Alchemy: Gem Essences“
with informations on Aurum Potabile
168 Pages, many illustrations
Euro: 15,90
ISBN 3-934647-41-3
(german only)

„ Medizin der Maharadschahs“ wurden die alchemistischen Edelstein-Essenzen bereits vor Jahrtausenden in Indien genannt. Das Buch beschreibt das geheime Wissen der Alchemisten um die Verbindungen der Edelsteine mit den Planeten und dem menschlichen Energiesystem und der daraus folgenden universellen Wirkung der Edelstein-Essenzen auf Körper, Geist und Seele.
Erstmals wird hier die geheime Chakra-Lehre der Alchemie der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt. Nach ihr kann das menschliche Energiesystem in drei Schwingungsebenen aktiv werden. Erst durch jahrelange Meditation und Energiearbeit oder aber durch die regelmäßige Anwendung der alchemistischen Essenzen kann der Mensch sein Schwingungsniveau auf die höchste Stufe des „Rubedo“ erheben.


Ulrich Arndt
„ Treasures of Alchemy: Metal Essences“
with more informations on Aurum Potabile
200 Pages, many illustrations
Euro: 16,90
ISBN : 3-934647-53-7
(german only)

In höchsten Tönen rühmte Paracelsus die Wirkkraft der Metall-Essenzen, die zugleich die Vorstufe zum „Großen Werk“ darstellen. Die 7 Essenzen aus den 7 Planeten-Metallen bilden ein eigenständiges System für die energetische Therapie und Bewusstseinsentwicklung. Neben ihrer ausführlichen Beschreibung führt das Buch in die Grundlagen alchemistischer Weltsicht ein und verbindet deren Einsichten mit modernen wissenschaftlichen Vorstellungen. Weit entfernt von den üblichen trocken-historischen Schilderungen über Alchemie wird hier das eigentliche, tiefere Anliegen der Alchemie wieder lebendig. Erstmals werden Laborprozesse der hohen Alchemie im Foto gezeigt.
Geomantie-Freunde wiederum wird die Lektüre eines Kapitels über eine riesige geomantische Siebenstern-Installation der mittelalterlichen Tempel-Ritter in Frankreich und dessen alchemistische Bedeutung faszinieren.
Dieses zweite Buch des Autors über Alchemie enthält erneut eine große Wissensfülle, durch die viele esoterische Lehren in fruchtbarer Weise auf ein bodenständiges modernes Fundament gestellt werden.


Please note that the Essences are not a medication or drug in the sense of orthodox medicine and our recommendations are not to be construed as a substitute for medical treatment by a doctor. In case of illness, always first consult your doctor or health care professional.

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Metal Essences (Ready to use dilution)
Gold Essence - " Aurum Potabile " 10 ml – Euro: 59,00
Gold Essence 30 ml – Euro: 135,00
Silver Essence - " Argentum Potabile " 10 ml – Euro: 59,00
Silver Essence 30 ml – Euro: 135,00
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Tin (Zinn) 30ml – Euro: 22.90
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Vitriol (Vitriol) 30ml – Euro: 22.90
Rescue Electrum (Rescue Electrum) 30ml – Euro: 22.90

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Chrysoberyl (Chrysoberyll) 30ml – Euro: 22,90
Ruby (Rubin) 30ml – Euro: 22,90
Pearl (Perle) 30ml – Euro: 22,90
Yellow Topaz (Goldtopas) 30ml – Euro: 22,90
Emerald (Smaragd) 30ml – Euro: 22,90
Sapphire (Saphir) 30ml – Euro: 22,90
Diamond (Diamant) 30ml – Euro: 22,90
Amethyst (Amethyst) 30ml – Euro: 22,90
Zircon (Zirkon) 30ml – Euro: 22,90
Rescue Gem Essences (Rescue Edelstein-Essenzen) 30ml – Euro: 22,90
Set Gem Essences (Set Edelstein-Essenzen)
(in presentation box – all 9 Gem Essences - without Rescue) 30ml – Euro: 189,00

Test Set - Gem Essences and Metal Essences (Ready to use dilution)
(all 18 Gem- and Metal Essences, 2 ml, with pipette, in presentation box)
Euro: 74,00


Ulrich Arndt

is a freelance journalist in the field of holistic health, alternative research, esotericism and spirituality. The studied German, theatre science and politics and received training in different areas of energy work. In 2000 he founded the LIFE-TESTinstitute, an independent institution examining the bio-energetic effects of products, therapies and spiritual methods as well as an institution for independent consumer information.
Ulrich Arndt wrote several books on holistic health subjects and spirituality. His latest books, "Schätze der Alchemie - Edelstein-Essenzen" ("Treasures of Alchemy - Gem Essences") and "Schätze der Alchemie - Metall-Essenzen" ("Treasures of Alchemy - Metal Essences" only available in German so far), are published by Hans-Nietsch-Verlag.

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